What Brought You Here?

what brought you here

The WordPress Stats page is an invaluable tool for bloggers who want to track growth and progress of their blogs. Bloggers receive a summary of blog views by country, top posts and pages viewed, referrers, which are clicks from other sites that link to theirs, and search engine terms, among others.

So far, my biggest referrer is Facebook followed by search engine terms. Search engine terms are words or phrases that people searching the internet use to land on your blog. That search engines drive substantial traffic to my blog is a pleasant surprise because I don’t have an SEO strategy neither do I optimise my content for search engines. It would be too stifling. I would spend too many hours agonising over words. Of course I agonise over words so that what you read flows as effortlessly as rivers over boulders.

The most popular search term that brings people to my blog? Akpos, all things Akpos. Akpos is a fictitious character around whom many Nigerian jokes revolve. I wrote Open Letter to Akpos, a few months ago because I grew weary of multiple BlackBerry Messenger broadcasts of Akpos jokes. Little did I realise that my mini-protest would lift my blog to greater prominence on search engine radars.

Like water on a day when the sun’s heat can fry eggs on car bonnets, Akpos is the antidote to the hassles of Naija life. Unconvinced? Below are a few search terms that brought people to my blog.

Search Engine Terms                                     My Take

Long list of jokes about akpos                     – so you’re currently unemployed?

Akpos meaning?                                            – when you find out let me know

Sweet akpos jokes                                        – are there bitter ones?

Akpos I have a dream                                   – so did Martin Luther King… and                                                                                       Obama had the audacity to change

Akpos bbm pin only                                      – na becos of una I bin write Akpos                                                                                     letter

Akpos jokes of the day                                 – copycat! nor be so Basketmouth                                                                                      hammer; write your own jokes!

Akpos goodmorning jokes                           – for real? wouldn’t you rather have                                                                                     coffee?  

Akpos funny stories                                    – you nor enter molue this morning?

Googleakposjokes                                         – amebo, go find work                     

Best of Akpos at the top                              – please see “my Oga at the top”

Akpos funny love letters                              – run Ekaette, run!

Need story of Akpos                                     – ehnn, for what?

Naija loaded akpos comedy                         – there in four words, the problem with Nigeria!

Since I’ve written about life in Nigeria, I see why search engines referred these searches to my blog.

Search Engine Terms                                     My Take

the beginning of Naigeria                             – this is deep, really deep @Naigeria

God created Nigeria, discuss                       – required essay for secondary                                                                                               school leavers    

I am so glad to know you grew up in                                                                                                     Nigeria. I am from Nigeria                           – nice to meet you too

God of Nigerians                                               – god of corruption, tribalism &                                                                                               comedy

returning to live in Nigeria                           – abeg shine ya eye well well!

Exchange rate Nigeria baits to uk pound   – say what?

Is it legal to urinate in public in Nigeria?   – oyibo, is this your first visit to                                                                                             Nigeria?

I want to wash naija film                              – yes o! wash it clean of the ten-                                                                                           minute credit roll at the start of                                                                                        the movie!

Night+with+naija+full+movies                    – and what a night it shall be!

Don’t ask to touch my earrings                   – okay now! sme sme, I won’t

funny naija post to make my room lively   – sms AkposJokes N10/sms

Lively things to do with my blackberry      – hmmm….

Business woman rides on man                    – nothing and I mean nothing I’ve                                                                                         written on this blog should make                                                                                       anyone land here using this                                                                                               search term! I’m suing Google!

The Body Magic is the post with the highest views on my blog. Perhaps because I expose my insecurities about my weight? Go figure! Not surprisingly, people land on my blog when searching for:

Girl magic weight gain butt                          – need I say more?

Body magic not tight                                   – check the label; made in China?

Body magic won’t fit over hips                   – sis, I feel you

Body magic money                                       – yes, you can make money selling                                                                                     body magic                                                                                                                              #womenarevaincreatures

The body is magic                                     – *wink wink*

Magic in my body                                     – it’s called fat

Where can body magic bra be found                                                                                  in Nigeria                                                                  – send me your BB pin


So what brought you here? Search engine? Facebook? Twitter or WordPress Reader? And, what search engine terms drive traffic to your blog? Tell, o tell!

© Timi Yeseibo 2013

Image design: © Timi Yeseibo 2013

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38 thoughts on “What Brought You Here?

  1. I was discussing with my roommate(Christiana Udoh)about how celebrated bloggers in Nigeria blog about nothing, and how I was bored out of mind the last time I read a supposedly popular blog. Then she introduces this blog which she says is interesting and i’ll enjoy.
    What can I say; I’ve been hooked ever since. And I’m spreading the news to my friends.


  2. I love this. Creative.

    “Business woman rides on man – nothing and I mean nothing I’ve written on this blog should make anyone land here using this search term! I’m suing Google!”

    This particular one made me laugh out loud. Haha!

    Now, to what brought me here?…interesting blog hunting, some bloggers have a community of other blogs they visit regularly and like, and I guess yours was one. I’m glad I clicked the link.


      1. Other than the music posts and reviews I occasionally post.

        The search term that brings the most visitors to my blog would be “Kendrick Lamar Quotes” and “I Love Your Smile”, and they both lead to the same post – I Love Your Smile.

        One of my favourite works, inspired by a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.


  3. I enjoyed this, lol (Akpos searches). Thanks to you according to my WordPress annual review your blog was fifth in the source of referrals to my blog. In other words, your blog is sending some decent traffic to your site. I hope mine is doing the same 🙂


    1. Yay, Akpos searches 🙂 No, I should thank you Jollof. Ever since you reblogged By God’s Grace, traffic has been flowing from yours to mine too. It’s been great blognetworking with you 🙂 I enjoy reading your posts. And your hilarious podcasts… hmmm, this year is going to be good o!


  4. Oh my goodness! I don laff taya! I haven’t even read any Akpos jokes, but thanks to Basketmouth and other Naija comedians, I have heard a couple of them. Do you know any ‘Akpos-themed’ newsletters I can sign up for? Lol!

    Now, this one is highly questionable: “I want to wash naija film.” Na wetin you go take wash am? Omo or Canoe quality soap? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I followed you from a comment you left on my blog. That’s how I got here. 🙂


    1. Sharon, I’m laughing with you o jare! “Na wetin you go take wash am? Omo or Canoe quality soap? Inquiring minds want to know.” Ha, ha!

      I think you can sign up to receive Akpos jokes… google it 🙂

      I’m so glad my comment brought you here. Can’t wait to read more about your Berlin couple!


  5. People who know SEO can always have my hand in marriage (>_>) just ask and it’s yours.


    My most popular blog post is titled “Blue Balls and Angry Vaginas: fact or fiction?” which leads me to (rightly) conclude that people are perverts.

    I got directed to your blog because of that Oluwadunni woman over there.

    Blow her a kiss for me.



    Not I though.


    1. Vunderkind, what a pleasure to have you here! @SEO, I feel you & I don’t qualify for the marriage proposal *sigh!*

      I’ve read your most popular blog post, lol. Are people perverts or curious? Seems sex education is taboo & people have to use Google to inform themselves 🙂 But at least it brought them to you.

      Like the tongue-in-cheek way you write, and Oluwadunni, I owe you not one, but three… xo Xo xo!


    1. They do! Those looking for “sweet” Akpos jokes may be disappointed when they read my Open Letter to Akpos… that is, if they even read beyond a couple of paragraphs!

      Oluwadunni, it was a beautiful tribute, which I loved reading. Nice to meet you.


  6. “Business woman rides on man – nothing and I mean nothing I’ve written on this blog should make anyone land here using this search term! I’m suing Google!” I laughed when I saw this, couldn’t help rolling off my bed.

    So I came across your blog, last year. I think you commented on my friend Tomi Olugbemi’s blog. And out of curiosity, I clicked on the name *Don’t mind me, I do that sometime (OK a lot)* well since then I’ve been hooked. I haven’t really taken time out to go into the specifics of my stats but I know Facebook n Google have sha helped my market lol…


    1. Ochuko, see me see Google o! Lol, glad you had a good laugh.

      @clicking on names/gravatars, I do it too, and Facebook, what a blog-traffic saver 🙂

      Visiting one another’s blogs and commenting has bridged the distance since Tomi connected us ages ago. I’m curious about your med school life, so I’ll keep stopping over, hoping to get some gist…

      Thanks for being here.


  7. I love reading what you and your readers have to say but this post in particular has me rolling!!! Akpos?! “I want to wash naija film…magic butts…” Really? Wow 😀

    On the issue of readers and clickers, it’s a little tricky. I want my blog to be all about my expressions but at the same time you have a responsibility to your readers. At some point, it becomes more about them and you have to fine-tune your delivery method yet maintain originality.

    I love looking at my stats summary, lol! But they are tricky as well. While using it as a guide can help you find your niche quickly, the joy can be short-lived and it can be a painful distraction. I learned that a long time ago, lol


    1. @ “I want to wash naija film…magic butts…” I’m laughing with you my dear.

      I feel you@ readers & clickers & stats. Anytime I write something funny or about relationships, my stats go up. The temptation to try to be funny every time is there. But I can’t force it. When my hands start flying over the keyboard, if it’s not funny, then it isn’t funny.

      I have other “serious” stuff I blog about, they don’t get as much views. (it’s not me, it’s them 🙂 )

      One key I’ve found is to write what’s in my heart, to write it in a way that I think will resonate with my readers, to write it in my voice, and with my style. Then harass my family & friends to read & rebroadcast!

      I’m glad I met you on WP. I look forward to your witty comments here & reading your posts too 🙂


    1. What did people do before the advent of Google? I guess they could find references for “African man with white woman” in the library… 🙂 At least these search terms drive people to our blogs & give us a good laugh too!

      Btw, since you guys went dot com, you disappeared from my WP Reader. I’ll be sure to reconnect. Regards to Naija husband!


  8. I have some limited time at my town’s library computer, but do try to follow up within a week or so of reading a nice comment! I like the way you write like you are talking directly with us. You are sharing your heart and thoughts! Uzoma is who led me or you to each other. I am not sure how but Uzo has been following me for awhile. I enjoy his very serious novel and hope to someday take more time on everyone’s stories to read! Thanks for your very nice comments on my posts!


    1. Robin, thanks for your kind words. The pleasure is all mine. You are a prolific blogger, and you still make out time to read & comment on several blogs! Uzoma must’ve brought you here & I’m so glad he did. I’m the one that has to do catch-up on your blog posts & I will.


  9. Hi,
    You must be blessed with friends with brains on facebook to derive top click from that end. I had to shut my account when Nigerian traffic was low on my wordpress site – what’s the use of facebook if they won’t read my blog but I read their rants? No regrets ever since.
    The other surprise is the length and reach of my blog judging from the country log – places I am yet to dream about, places I wish I could just cross into – India and UK. Seeing clicks from these countries delights my soul.
    The best day ever on my blog was in march last year from a curious soul in Hong-Kong click away a record 347 times.
    Actually, a reblog of “I am going to work not looking for love’ [some title like that] brought me here from http://www.eurekanaija.wordpress.com and I feel very familiar with you than her, talk about followers’ management.
    Search engine drives some random traffic my way for querries like “women and money” “what do women want?” “Igbo girls” and “why are prayers not answered in Nigeria?” Surely, I have written some posts on those subjects but what surprises me most is a post on “smile” the way querries come for “smiling this or that” I had to wonder if it ever went out of fashion.
    However, my #FridayFictioneers writing challenge brings the most traffic to my blog. On a single friday evening, I could grow page views in hundreds, of course, that involves it own work too of visiting their blog.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. @Facebook. To think I was practically forced into having a Facebook account & now it’s yielding dividends! But I did some marketing o!
      Lol@“why are prayers not answered in Nigeria?” I can’t stop laughing 🙂 Yeah, the search queries on smiling seem odd, but it’s good to know people are concerned about smiling 🙂

      Eurekanaija’s reblog brought me traffic, and I’m so glad I met you & your blog. It’s interesting the reach that the WP blog platform gives. It may have been difficult to engage that soul in Hong Kong otherwise.

      I enjoy your FridayFictioneers and you’re right, increased traffic means increased responsibility if you want to maintain relationships. But at the end of the day, I think the average blogger develops a core network of readers & followers who give and take.

      As always Charles, thanks for being here.


  10. Wow! The list of things of that drew (and still does) people to your blog is long, if not interesting considering that Akpos is involved.

    The day I stumbled across your blog via WP reader (search term:Nigeria), I was very impressed. I love that you follow and have high regard for your readers.

    PS are you going to do another post about Akpos.


    1. Ha ha, Nigerians like a good laugh. I just put up a selected few of the Akpos search terms. There are more! @another Akpos post, I have nothing in the pipeline. Maybe I’ll keep it as a fall-back option if blog traffic wanes 🙂

      It seems as if auto-follow is the norm here on WP and sometimes I have to do that. But for the most part, I try to really follow i.e. read posts and leave comments.

      Yes, I value my readers. In this busy world with various things competing for our attention, people who spare five minutes to read my posts deserve to read my best.

      Thanks Uzoma. The WordPress Reader is a good referrer too. I’m glad you found my blog and I yours.


      1. Exactly. “Auto follow” seems to be here. Some readers don’t actually “follow” even after clicking on the follow button. The worst part is coming across a blogger, who doesn’t respond to comments on their blog.

        I look forward to your next offering regarding Akpos. I bet it will be as entertaining as the rest 🙂


        1. Uzoma true. Different strokes for different folks. I think some are here to garner followers and likes, while some want to write and receive feedback. There’s room for all on WP! To each, his own.

          @ bloggers who don’t respond to comments… hmmm, I think when you’re so big, have so many followers & comments, it’s excusable. At that point, those commenting seem to own the blog. But for the rest of us mere mortals… na wa o! Some of my Naija friends complain of internet access, so they’re “excused”, but I’ve since learnt that some people have other agendas on WP and responding to comments is the least of their concerns.

          I need “something” to stir me so I can write another Akpos story 🙂


        2. Same thing on my blog, Uzo. I’m not sure who all those followers are. “DiscountShoes is now following your blog!” Uh-huh.

          By the way, Lively, I got here through Uzo’s blog.


          1. Ha ha @ “DiscountShoes is now following your blog!” I love the “funny” side of WordPress life.

            Thank you Eric for being here & Uzo, for connecting us. Btw, I loved your post, Pretentious, inflated, indulgent writing is bad. Always. Had it with my morning coffee… cool!


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