anatomy of a move back home

anatomy of a move back home 1

Nostalgia, a bittersweet longing …

I sat with a group of friends to loaf around. Our highest common denominator was that we attended the same secondary school. It wasn’t long before we started the do you remember when game. Though rib-cracking hilarious, our game was sometimes punctuated by sadness, and haunted by what could have been. When we said our goodbyes, I left with a sore throat, painful sides, gratitude for the past, and hope for the future.  Whether you  are in your home country or abroad, reading these posts will likely evoke the same sensations.

Now, go back to menu and place your mouse over anatomy of a move back home. The subcategories will show.  I’ve since realised that comments were shared between the posts and the pages, and I thought it’d be better to have all comments in one place so you can enjoy them. Therefore, a few changes:

– scroll down and choose a category from the tag cloud (on the right) e.g. returning home


– choose any of the categories below, which opens in a new page:

returning home, nostalgia, diaspora, Nigeria, Naija

Enjoy reading and do share how what you read affected you.

Take lemons & make life!

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7 thoughts on “anatomy of a move back home

  1. Reading thru your previous entries, I keep saying I myself,where av I been all these you re very welcome back home..after all ter is no place like home anyways..:)


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