Two Years On


My blog is one way by which I measure time. April marks two years since I began blogging. The earth spins on its axis as it revolves round the sun. The moon pulls the oceans and lets them go. If I did not write, the earth, sun, and moon, would not have stopped for me and I cannot imagine what else could have filled my days so.

Self-discipline is the hallmark of my journey. It is the ability to make yourself do what must be done.

When I’m in the zone, I could write forever. Ideas ooze from me and words tumble out faster than I can type them—I abandon current thought and scroll down the page to type perfect sentences and beautiful dialogue, falling from heaven like gold dust.

Many times, I’m out of sorts. Experiences burn me and disappointment visits nearly every day. My head hurts and my emotions are pink like cut salmon. I sing, tired oh so tired, and I’m too tired to compose a new song. I question which direction to take my blog or if I should quit. And most of all, I don’t feel like writing. Not writer’s block, but an insidious lethargy, which is akin to living with a low-grade fever.

I’m not unique in this regard. This is how we sometimes feel about our jobs and responsibilities. When did the things we love become a prison that we long to escape? But we show up at our jobs and dance on the stage of our lives anyway.


One Friday evening I’m moaning about how I don’t feel like writing.

My friend nods in understanding, “No, you don’t have to, it’s your blog. Not like anyone is paying you to. I’m sure people would understand.”

She is right. However, I can’t miss a Sunday post. Maybe it’s because growing up, my mum pushed me to outdo myself. Or it’s the result of my school principal repeating at assembly, “What is worth doing is worth doing well.”

“Yeah, but I have to,” I say.


So, that night, I discipline myself to write about an incident involving a friend and then launch into a broader conversation about what we value as a society. Disciplining myself to write means that I turn down many invitations, adjust my sleeping habits, watch less soaps, and read more stuff.

I muster all my skills and still feel as though the article could be better. Bloodshot eyes and new streaks of grey; five hours later, I know I have nothing more to give.

Eventually the article resonates with readers as reflected in the comments and shares.  In a sense, this is the reward of diligence—pushing past inner and outer turmoil and insisting on excellence from myself. The discipline of writing weekly provides momentum for those times when I’m flat. Still, I shake my head. I know this, and in fact all I’ve achieved, isn’t my doing. A wise man said:

The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant
or favour to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.

If this is my time, then my blog has been my chance. And self-discipline would mean nothing if I didn’t have readers like you encouraging me week after week.

Thank you!



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79 thoughts on “Two Years On

  1. Discipline. Consistency. Passion. Focus.

    It’s a constant battle finding the right mix of all four. It’s amazing what the discipline to be consistent can fetch you when you focus on what it is you have great passion for. Timi, going through your timeline of posts (at least a hundred, I calculate?) should be enough motivation to continue the good work, yeah? The New York Times: 164 years and counting. Lively Twist: Keep rolling the tape….

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    1. Well said Samuel. Reflecting on the past year, there were times when I was distracted and my passion waned. Discipline helped me ‘show up’.

      The NY Times has stayed relevant even as the way we consume information keeps changing. Kudos to them.

      Last year, I promised to blog for one more year. I’ve fulfilled that. This year, I made no such promise. As long as I can answer “why” in a way that satisfies me, I’ll be here…

      Thanks Samuel for your support. 🙂


      1. Hmmm. There is nothing wrong with making such a promise. Life always presents us the option of change, most times for a change of levels and climes. Maybe blogging is your ladder to something greater. If you find that something greater, go for it and look back to this galaxy of fine words you have created as something that will stand, maybe forever, as an inspiring fountain of creative expression.

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  2. omg Hey Timi.
    Your writing has always been a constant motivation, makes me want to push myself to do better. I’ve never thought that you’d face any “struggle” if i can call it that. But that admission, only makes me aware that you’re human. And that discipline!! My my. And your consistency. It’s amazing.

    Thank you Timi, it’s in my bucket list to one day meet you. . 🙂


    1. My gosh, Ope I am humbled and I feel so honoured. Who am I? Thank you!
      Inspiring other writers to up their game is one reason why I fuss over words. I’m thankful that I’m fulfilling my goals.

      Of course I’m as human as you are XD I struggle o, big time!
      After two years, I’m becoming a disciplined writer. I’m learning how to push past inner and outer turmoil, and just write.

      Btw, where do you get your awesome story ideas? I enjoy reading your stories and I learn from you too.


  3. Hi Timi, nice one I must say. I’m one of your avid readers, no matter how busy I am, I must always read your sunday blog. Maybe I never post a response which I should do more often but I really do enjoy them…sometimes I laugh cause I see a reflection of things happening around me reflected in your words. Well done and please keep it rolling. You were always creative and had a way with words right from primary school days.
    My favourite one will always be the ‘body magic’……

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  4. Timi,
    Happy-for-you doesn’t even come close to expressing my joy for you and what you do here,

    I have watched in awe as you have taken something I consider a very tough skill – writing- and made it look so darned easy! What I feel when I read your lines sounds like this:

    ….”oh my goodness that’s exactly how I feel in my head! How did she know? And she puts it so well!” Lol

    I think nrhatch put it very well and it resonated with me when she said in her response to this that:

    “You know you have found your bliss and are headed the right way when your spirit is souring and work feels like play”

    And that my friend is the gospel truth! Congrats Timi!

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    1. Thank you Elaine. You were there at the beginning, remember?
      I’m humbled by your words. They really make self-discipline easier.

      Life is … to think that it was adversity that made me start writing again… they say, the world is round and that place that looks like the end may just be the beginning. My spirit is soaring; work feels like work 😉 but it is work that satisfies 🙂

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  5. Aha! Congrats Timi! Two years isn’t two months, it’s 24 months on consistent writing. It’s always exciting reading your blog and i’m glad i found you…and your blog. 😀


  6. Congrats!!! And yes, I am with you on feeling that “insidious lethargy” and not wanting to write. For you though, it’s been so far, so absolutely good.


    1. Thank you Ife. I appreciate your support.

      I think over time, you begin to understand yourself and your rhythms, and what helps you push past that “insidious lethargy.” How do you cope?


  7. I am glad that I stumbled on your posts. I love the way your words come together as if you are weaving a tapestry. I avoid jumping to the end of the post when I begin reading because the content is ever so satisfying and keeps me longing for more. keeps me guessing . On the days, you feel that darn old lethargy creeping to steal your ideas and words, remember that we are holding up your brilliant brain in prayer for clarity, wisdom, insight and ideas. Keep up the good work Timi. May you not grow weary in well doing….

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    1. Adesode, I’m so glad you found my blog! In a world of 6 billion people, my posts can’t resonate with all. So when I find a reader who enjoys my writing, I feel fulfilled. Your words refresh me more than you know- it feels good to know someone is praying for my brain XD

      Thank you!


  8. Heyyyy, happy blog anniversary Timi. Here’s to another great, disciplined and thought-provoking two years.
    I like how you mentioned, “insisting on excellence from myself…” I admire that in people. It shows they really care and aren’t just doing something half way. It means there’s passion and respect.

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    1. Thank you Staci and thank you for journeying with me. What is worth doing is worth doing well, right?

      @ another great, disciplined and thought-provoking two years, em… em… I don’t know … 🙂

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      1. “What is worth doing is worth doing well, right?”
        –Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more with you Timi. It may not seem ‘well’ in the beginning, but doing our best is what matters, right? And then soon enough, we get better and better as we keep pushing ourselves to grow. At least that’s been my experience.
        Hmmmm, you don’t know? I think just maybe you will… Hope so.

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    1. Thank you Bunmi. I didn’t do this alone, I did it with you and everyone else who roots for me!
      @ diligence pays, I haven’t seen the Dollars yet, lol 😉

      But John Legend’s lyrics…

      One day, when the glory comes
      It will be ours, it will be ours …. XD

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    1. Virtual hug to you too!
      Consistency has come at a price, but it’s one I’ve been willing to pay 🙂
      Thanks for your support, without which, there would be no consistency.


  9. Yaaay! Happy blogaversary.
    One question: where the party at? 😀

    Seriously, I love this blog. I love your voice…you should hear it in my head. I love how your posts resonates. And I love yiur discipline…sometimes I say, ‘she has time o’ but I imagibe you don’t and this is lack of sleep is a sacrifuce you make to dish something original weekly. You’ve come so far in two years, Timi and I am glad to have followed yiur journey this past year.
    More wisdom and ink 🙂

    Care to dance? 😉


    1. Uju, thank you! You have made the journey fun and I like travelling with you, my trouble maker! Saw this somewhere:

      “To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”

      Blogging has brought me a degree of joy and fulfillment because I haven’t walked alone. 🙂

      Dance? Sure! 😎


  10. Although I haven’t been a follower of your blog from the beginning, I’m so glad that two years later, I’m here to read your thought-provoking posts. Congratulations on the two year anniversary and keep writing 🙂

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  11. Yay! Congratulations, Timi!

    *Proceeds to give a cyber hug and the dopest fist bump ever attempted*

    I always look forward to the Sunday “New post on livelytwist” email. It is part of my weekend events (that probably says something about my social life…).

    Knowing how easy it is to become weary of blogging, your self-discipline and quality-consistency is very admirable.

    Here’s to many more Sundays of great pieces– on here, and wherever your words take you.

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    1. Cyber hug back to you too! XD Thank you. You make me look forward to writing this stuff.

      I’m glad I’m part of your social life! As an introverted-extrovert ( ❓ ), my blog is the perfect excuse to isolate myself and get lost in the wonderful world of words for hours. So, you’re in good company 🙂

      @… wherever my words take me … selah …

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  12. Congrats! It’s a lot of work and not everyone is gifted to accomplish these feats. But to have made it work for two years means that there is something that you are saying that people want to hear. 😃🎉🎊🎉🎊


    1. Thank you Sean. In his book Outliers, The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell says that hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning. I’ve found some degree of meaning through blogging.

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  13. Congratulations on your two year anniversary, Timi! That is quite an accomplishment. This post resonated with me on so many levels. “Yeah, but I have to.” I’ve spoken those words so many times, I’ve lost count.
    Working a full-time job, which I thank God for, consumes so much of my time. I’m on the fence constantly when it comes to blogging. Could I be using that time pursing my writing more seriously? I’m currently working on a contest entry that has forced me to post without comments allowed and I feel so guilty! 😦

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    1. Aha, I wondered about your last post. All the best with the contest.

      Lest we sound as though blogging is drudgery, I suspect that for you as well, have to is only one side of the equation, I want to, is the other side. 🙂

      Like you, I work full-time and juggle other responsibilities. Since I’ve opted to give my writing priority, many other things sit on the back burner. All the well-meaning people in my life ask me when I’m going to get serious with my writing- I suppose they mean when am I going to write a book, which also means when will you start making money off your writing? XD

      Thank you for taking time from your tight schedule to wish me well. I appreciate it!

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  14. Also, I do feel the wear and tear of original writing and how you must have felt older and ‘spent’ from your five hour post. Very admirable, though, really honing your writing craft like that, Timi.

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    1. Robin, it seems as if I’ve acquired more grey hair since I started taking this writing thing seriously! XD

      I don’know how you do it- you write several posts a week. Kudos to you!


  15. I like the way you are telling this. I wish to say Congratulations and keep on going strong. You have deep, profound and meaningful posts ‘under your belt’ now, for the past two years. Discipline is a challenge, sometimes I find more likes and readers for my silly posts, Timi!


    1. Thank you Robin. But even your ‘silly’ posts take effort ….
      Sometimes the profound and meaningful posts are easier to write because I’ve been chewing on them for a while.

      Discipline can be a challenge, but I’ve found that we all tend to apply it to some area of our lives. I want to transfer this discipline to other parts of my life. I’m finding that mastery in one area gives me some confidence about the possibility of discipline in other areas.

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  16. Happy 2 years! I love how you refer to your blog as your chance. it is so easy to go, the writing on the blog doesn’t come with an immediate nd leave it at that- but for many of us we write because we must and it’s so important that we spend the hours sweat and tears on it- because it matters that much. I like knowing that every Sunday, in my mailbox, I get to hear from you. (I too have been questioning my blog direction lately-wondering if I should go broader in theme or stick to my chosen one. At the end of day it’s a personal choice but one I take seriously enough that I continue to give it much consideration… because it matters that much to me.)

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    1. Thank you Diahann. I find your posts well written and thought out. You introduce me to a world like and unlike my own. Whatever you decide, your unique way of looking at things will draw us in. I admire how you keep things fresh even though yours is a niche blog.

      Like you, my writing matters to me. I feel that people may agree or disagree, like or dislike the content, but they should be able to say, “Well written.”

      I’ve found this quote by Samuel Jackson to be meaningful:

      “What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.”

      Thank you so much Diahann for journeying with me.


      1. Your hard work and commitment shows in the quality of your writing, Timi. And thank you for your support and encouragement. I love that we are part of each other’s community. I might just take that leap of expansion for myself.

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  17. Your blogs always bring a little brightness into my day, so keep up the good work, Timi. And congratulations on your two years. But I get the work part. I’ve been feeling it too, lately. Knocking out two or three blogs a week is work. Writing is work. But somehow, it is also fun, exciting, worthwhile and rewarding. –Curt


    1. Thank you Curt. With your encouragement, I shall.

      Yes, writing is work and fun. I guess if we want to communicate meaningfully and clearly over any platform, it’s going to take thought and effort.

      You always have beautiful photos in your posts. You wrote about how you and Peggy take many photos and how you have to sift through them to choose a few. I appreciate the final result. It makes your storytelling so much richer in my view. 🙂


  18. “Experiences burn me and disappointment visits nearly every day. My head hurts and my emotions are pink like cut salmon…But we show up at our jobs and dance on the stage of our lives anyway.”

    Brilliant imagery, Timi. Emotions…can’t write with them~can’t write without them.

    Thanks for always showing up.



  19. Writing is great when I have something to say; it’s a burden, a bore, and a chore if I’m forcing myself to write just to say something.

    For that, there’s Facebook. :mrgreen:

    My goal for SLTW is simple ~> enjoy the journey and see where it leads. After all, if it’s not fun, why blog?

    Congrats on two years. Write on . . . for as long as you have something to say.

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    1. Lol@ Facebook. Nancy!!!! XD
      When I read your blog, I can tell you’re enjoying the journey. I also have plenty laughs.

      I don’t write for the fun of it, although I have fun while writing. One of my blogging goals is to earn the title writer (a writer is one who writes), and to become better at it. Becoming better requires practice.

      If I did not set a public goal to write weekly, then there’d be many months when I wouldn’t write at all because of, well, life happening. Writing this way consistently has helped me develop confidence in my abilities. I can now produce a decent piece with or without inspiration.

      Like you, lately, I’ve been watching to see where this leads…

      Thank you so much for your support. It makes the blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile 🙂

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      1. Speaking of FB . . . I stumbled into a wonderful quote there today:

        “If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they’re happy.” ― Dorothy Parker

        Writing, like life, requires lots and lots of practice. We don’t learn to play the piano by listening to the symphony.

        And we don’t learn to walk (or write) without a few stumbles, bumbles, and tumbles along the way.

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  20. Happy anniversary Timi!

    I can so relate with that “insidious lethargy.” thank God for friends who come every week to ask if I written the post for the incoming week. When I say I have not, they will push me to start and sometimes, we’ll write together, they’ll share a quote or connect me with a story. We achieve more when our passion is spiced with discipline.

    Thank you delivering great contents every Sunday for the past two years. You are an inspiration!


    1. Thank you Ife. It’s nice to have friends who hold you accountable and push you towards your goals.

      I had some very difficult days in 2014. But in my one year anniversary post, I’d committed to showing up every Sunday, so I couldn’t go back on my word just because I didn’t ‘feel’ like writing. Indeed discipline made it easier to dig deep.

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  21. Congratulations on your “bloggyversary”. The rewards of discipline are beautiful but the process can be hellish. Your posts inspire me to be a better writer and get better at this blogging thing.


    1. Thank you Adaeze.
      @ hellish process, lol. I’d like to transfer this self-discipline to other areas of my life 🙂

      When you say my posts inspire you to be a better writer, I feel fulfilled. It is one of my goals. I slave over my writing in the hopes that others will want to up their game.

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