My Mum the Superhero

Awesome mum

My mum is a woman ahead of her time. Living in a society and a day when having male children was the ultimate sign of fertility and the highest compliment a wife could pay her husband, she did not wring her hands and weep in the maternity ward year after year in quest for a boy child. No, after three girls, she dulled her ears to the murmurs. She dedicated her life to being the best thing that came out of Sapele and poured herself into her daughters so we could be all and more than any male child could ever be.

three daughters

My mum is big-hearted. She stretched the meaning of nuclear family until it extended to include people with whom we shared no blood connection. As a result, we grew up with more cousins, aunts, and uncles than most. Her seeds of kindness have matured and we are recognised and rewarded for being the children of Aunty Gina.

My mum is beautiful. From her I learnt that I too am beautiful. Whenever people called me little Gina, my heart welled with pride. I wore her oversize clothes and shoes, and opened her trinket box to deck myself with her jewellery. Then I sat on her dressing table and put on her make-up. When I looked at the mirror, I no longer saw a gawky child. I saw my mum, my beautiful mum.

mom is beautiful

My mum is a planner. If we had to travel, she would sneak into our rooms at 4 a.m., six hours before we needed to leave, and drag our luggage to the veranda where the sleepy-eyed chauffeur would be waiting to put them in the trunk of the car. She would wake us up at 5 a.m. and cajole us to get ready, hollering our names, pulling the bed covers, and yanking our pillows. How we idled away the five hours until departure time is an unsolved mystery. Today, I pack like a pro and my luggage is at the door five hours before I need to leave my house.

wake up now

My mum is a believer. She told me the sky is the limit; to reach for my dreams, to never give up, to believe in myself, and to believe I could do anything. Yes, I could be anything; as long as I was a doctor or lawyer first, fulfilling her cherished dream. I watched her walk in uncharted territory and bounce back from setbacks. Ever the optimist, even now, she asks, “Timi, do you know what is beyond the sky?”

reach for sky

My mom is an entrepreneur. She has a heap of white play sand in front of her home to tempt the grandchildren into getting dirty and saturating their hair with sand. While we grimace she claps with glee the whiter their hair gets. She encourages them to play in her white sand and repay her when they are older by buying her Land Cruisers and Range Rovers. Although I have tried to explain to the grandkids that they are mortgaging their future by accumulating car debts, they cannot resist the heap of play sand in front of grandma’s house.

playing in sand

My mom is a prayer warrior. She called me recently.

Mom: I hear you started writing on the internet.

Me: Yes.

Mom: Why?

Me (thinking): Well, I’ve always loved writing… it’s a global platform to display my writing and not only reach, but also engage wider audiences. I hope to inspire, entertain, and inform. I want to—

Mom (interrupting): After all that grammar, how much are they paying you?

Me (pausing): Em, nothing.

Mom (after a while): Did you quit your job?

Me: No.

Mom: Good. I will pray for you.

My mum is a supporter, my avid fan. She asked my sister to print my blog posts for her to read. Will she read them? I don’t know, but I know she will make at least four hundred copies. She will paste a few copies on the gate that leads to her home and on her front door. She will litter her living room with several copies and carry the rest in her big bag, evangelising everywhere she goes, “Google Timi, she’s on the internet!” Finally at night she’ll bring one of the copies from her bag and look, and look, and look.

It’s mother’s day in The Netherlands. Happy Mother’s Day mums! Look at you; appreciate how far you’ve come. Honour a woman who has nurtured you. Tell her, she’s your superhero!

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17 thoughts on “My Mum the Superhero

  1. This tribute to your “Mum” was so sweet, tender and honest. You were blessed with a very wise woman to lead you and teach you, to love on you, and you made her proud of you! Just like you are proud of her! Now, I know you like my Mom stories, I want to read more about your “Mum” too! Take care and God bless you! Robin


  2. Followed your blog religiously since its inception, and it keeps getting better every Sunday, but this has got to be my favourite post… I can totally relate to this as I’ve had my Mum and yours, wake me up at 5 a.m, pack my bags at 4 a.m, call me up at 2 a.m, start a prayer session at 1 a.m, drive her to your family house at 3 a.m. and finally had the lectures from your Mum, My aunty, Gina (Mama Tonye, as she’s fondly called) about the sky being the starting point…..P/S…The sand play is not unique to the second generation…..I did play and still do play with those heaps of sand…..


    1. My own coz, our mothers are something else! @prayer session at 1 a.m., vintage aunty G! 🙂

      Thanks for the follow & the encouragement, really appreciated.

      p.s. yes, on the odd day, I’ll join in and build sand castles with the kids… something about sand…


  3. It is said that if you want to marry a lady, check her mother out and watever you see, eat and feel frm the lady is wat you will get frm the lady u are to marry, u are……………….out of words


  4. Happy mothers’ day Timi! It’s a good day to remember those who brought us forth. Sweet mothers! I can totally understand mama’s ordeal. I remember my mother also had her third born-boy child christened Adesina which means the King has opened the way… That is , even while my sister and I were already born, the road was never opened…. Because we were girls.😄 Only a boy could declare the road/ way open! Your story helps us to appreciate all the work and efforts our mothers put into making sure that our lives come out beautiful. It’ll also help us to patiently mother our children and not murder them. Happy mothers day to all the beautiful mothers out there!🙋💃

    Are u walking on a lonely road and you think nobody cares? Good news ! Jesus cares, call on him, He always hears! Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you Julienne, happy Mother’s Day to you too! Thank you for your comment which highlights a practice that unfortunately continues till this day. Yes, we are so thankful for our mothers’ love & care. And we can definitely learn to mother & not ‘murder’ our kids 🙂


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