A trip to Kaduna

A walk down memory lane… Love for my country and other drugs! I like the way ‘Dare recollects his Service Year and captures the freedom and optimism we feel as we stand on the threshold of hope and possibilities. I think you’d like it too…



6 thoughts on “A trip to Kaduna

  1. How nostalgic! A time is coming when I have to do the same with Port Harcourt. Mile 1, 2, 3. Diobu, Town, hotels that were the in thing in our day like Olympia hotel, Presido. Food also like akara and akamu, onunu, suya from around presido hotel, roast plantain and fish from town, the groundnut to eat with garri and sugar and sometimes milk to boot. Ah, those were the days. I remember leventis, chanrai, supabod and Kings way. So many places. Childhood was great, and i loved it. I still see PH from the eyes of a child and a teenager! Nostalgia is a lovely thing.


    1. Ama, yes, sweet nostalgia. I too have fond memories of our early years. Suya from Presidential!

      I remember road trips from PH to Jos to visit my dad, and then Jos to Zaria, etc. Like ‘Dare, I would like to tour Nigeria with friends- South to North, East to West… ours is a beautiful country. I hope that day comes.


    2. Yeah, PH is my second hometown, there are many memories and stories there… it would take a while to write. Thanks for reading.


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