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share your story

“So, you would have been blogging for a year now this April?”

“Uh huh.”

“Wow how time flies! You don’t sound very excited.”

“I am.”


“Well, it’s not like it’s such a big deal, people have been blogging like forever.”

“True, but you’re not people.”

“I know.”

“Why don’t you write about it?”

“Me? It’s not like I won Olympic gold or something.”

“You’re too hard on yourself. You keep waiting until you arrive. Learn to celebrate small successes on the way. Life has peaks—”

“And valleys. Every peak is a valid point for celebration, blah, blah, blah. Okay, how should I do it?”

“Share your story, what you learnt, why you started blogging, that kind of thing. Your writing voice lends itself to the personal essay.”


“What’s wrong with you? Where is your confidence?”

“Don’t! I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I am your mentor. If you want a cuddle, go to your friends. If you want to kick ass, you come to me!”

“Alright. But it’s not like I made money blogging, what exactly do I want to tell—”

“You of all people should know that money isn’t the only index of success—”

“You didn’t just say that?”

“Of course it’s a biggie, but writers like us console ourselves it’s not. As I was saying, haven’t you found fulfilment? Didn’t you achieve some of your goals?”

“Well . . .”

“And what is it you say again on your blog? ‘We’re all doing life together.’ And the other one that makes people think you’re sooo deep? Aha, ‘Because life happens to all of us—’”

“You’re an idiot and your advice ain’t worth two cents.”

“You can always go to the mall and buy a Gucci bag to celebrate  . . .”


I went to the mall. I didn’t buy a Gucci bag. Writing is so much cheaper.


For the rest of April, I’ll share about my experience blogging for a year because I feel proud of what we, you and I, have achieved on Livelytwist. I hope you’ll stick around. I hope you’ll locate yourself in my stories and maybe share parts of yours too. Thank you so much for your support.


Take lemons, make life, and then jump for joy!

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49 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. awwww………one year and you’ve written lively posts. I can’t even say much because you rock babe! I can call you ‘babe’ right?;)

    A job well done….consistency and all…



  2. “I am your mentor. If you want a cuddle, go to your friends. If you want to kick ass, you come to me!”

    “You can always go to the mall and buy a Gucci bag to celebrate . . .”

    I went to the mall. I didn’t buy a Gucci bag. Writing is so much cheaper. 😂😂😂😂

    Laughed sha!!! I believe Congratulations are in order!!!


  3. Congratulations Livelytwist!!!! Also surprised its been just a year. Guess that’s what you get for running a fabulously, remarkable blog. Everyone simply assumes the wealth of wisdom and essence churned out is the result of being a veteran blogger 😉

    Am I proud of you or what? Don’t stop Timi! Your blog (and you of course) rocks so much, even olumo rock ain’t got nothing on you. Hehehe 😀
    Glow resplendently forever!


    1. Lol@ Olumo rock, what of Aso rock? 🙂
      Lizzie, this is our story, how could I have come this far without your encouragement? Doing life together has enriched my life. I’m glad we met. Thanks and thanks again for your kind words!


  4. When I saw the notification of this post in my mail, I told myself it was rather unusual — because I know you blog every Sunday. I suspected this post might be urgent or special. As I read, it turned out to be the latter. So Livelytwist is marking its one-year anniversary this April? That’s beautiful! But hold on … *your blog looks like it’s more than five years old, considering the traffic* 😉

    I’ll raise my glass from here and celebrate with you. Keep writing.


  5. “What! Timi slipped in a post on a Wednesday?” was my first thought when I saw this in my reader; that’s how much your Sunday schedule is marked in my mind.

    Congratulations. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been doing this forever. Now let me take my seat on that sofa and listen to the stories. And I’ll take some lemonade too please. Thank you.


    1. Lol@doing this forever. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months . . . I am glad that we journeyed together this past year. Here, take some lemonade, and make room for me. I like to sip a cup of tea as I watch the story through your eyes!

      Forget Wednesday, now, I’m pumped up for Sunday 🙂


    1. Now I have to make sure everything I write is beautiful, so when I say, “Mirror mirror on the wall . . .” 🙂

      One of the things I’ve loved this past blogging year, has been meeting people like you! Thanks.


  6. Bah Humbug!

    Sorry. I wanted my comment to be different from everyone else’s. 😉

    Anyway, I’ve been blogging since the year 803 AD. My first posts were painted on lamb skin and took 25 years each to make, thanks to all the Celtic art I added in the background. Later, when movable type was invented, I blogged by sculpting my posts into bronze. When all the bronze was melted down to make baby shoes, I blogged by shaving the words into the side of my head. The entire text of my first hair post was ‘Smoooooth.” Next week I plan to buy a computer and get internet, because I heard that makes blogging much easier. Wish me luck!

    Your turn…



    1. Eric, I am inspired by how hard and how long you have worked. You deserve the versatile blogger award! I am impressed by your smoooooth consistency. I feel sure that your first internet post will be titled, coooool 🙂

      Your comments make me want to waltz over to your blog. You can dance!


    1. It seems like eons ago that I left your tag line as a comment for one of your posts, “I’ll look back smiling knowing that I wrote my heart out.” Kinda feels that way for me, thanks Tomi for flying with me.


  7. Congrats on your anniversary on the blogosphere. All along, no piece I read here was short of great plus worth my while.

    And for making the art so alluring to ‘blogger-renegades’ and “Facebook asylum seekers” that they reconsider a comeback, thumbs up too.


    1. Thank you Bunmi, I am humbled. Your words reassure me that I did not waste my time and this journey, is as much mine as yours as well as everyone who reads Livelytwist.


  8. Happy blogiversary to you, Timi! Yes, it’s been a year but you’ve made a reputable name for yourself. That IS an achievement. You know what they say about names, gold and silver? Yea, that.

    Oh- the money is coming, don’t worrry. Lol. Write on, Timi! I have a permanent seat on your blog, here in the comments section. 🙂


  9. Wow. I was going so say ‘Just a year?’. It’s amazing how time flies. You are an inspiration to me.

    Happy Anniversary namesake.

    More ink to you your pen.

    Grace & Peace be unto you.


    Timi Ogunde



    1. Timi, I cherish your kind words. Seems like just yesterday, I was plagued with doubts, but took the plunge because deep down it ‘seemed’ right. Your being here makes the journey worthwhile. Thanks.


  10. Happy anniversary. Find from within your subconscious instinct the benefits and satisfaction you gain from blogging in the first place. Cash might not be an added advantage but deep within every writer even those that have expectations(cash and other benefits writing brings), I believe the greatest satisfaction a writer gets is having his idea communicated. I don’t know of others but for me it gives me a great pleasure….I must confess aside a couple of columnist I respect their piece and Ifeoluwa another great blogger of our time. You are a great blogger and one of the first female I have come to of recent time fallen and slept in love with your writing skills. Keep the ramblings as I prefer to call it up and be sure to always have me around….


    1. You are right; money isn’t everything, although it is SOMEthing 🙂
      Fulfillment finds me when like you, my idea is communicated, and, others find it useful as inspiration, entertainment, education, or a call to act.

      Your encouragement means so much to me. Thank you!


  11. Wow! You have blogged for just one year! I thought you had been blogging for like 14 yrs:-) you have achieved so much in such a short period of time!
    Am looking forward to this series…..and nice of you to give us a Wednesday bonus 🙂


    1. Thank you Tamkara. Fourteen years? What would I have been talking about lol? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’m glad I took that step. See you Sunday! 🙂


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