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An Anatomy of a Move Back Home

I moved back to Nigeria briefly after living in The Netherlands for almost ten years. What can I say? I tried to reacquaint myself with the sun and the heat, but the years had driven us so far apart, sweat trailed me like a shadow. I made many new friends and rekindled old friendships. I struggled to get a hang of how things worked or were supposed to work. Did I succeed? Read about my journey and about quirky things Nigerians do: returning homeNigeriaNaija

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Between Us

When something happens, I can call and tell you, but I’d rather write and let you read it. I’ve written a few of those things that happen between us, those things that you get, because our lives are more alike than different. Come, discover our world with me: between us

Life and second chances… you’ve probably had a few, but I’m giving you one now – choose an option and get on with my blog already!


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228 thoughts on “welcome

  1. This is nice… saw my sister reading your blog and I was like – hmmm, so I stole the link and went a-reading… very insightful and delightful…


  2. Well done! Timi, this is a really nice blog. I am enjoying reading up your interesting pieces. Keep up the great work.


  3. Between us, (and I don’t care whose eavesdropping) I wanna dig beyond the space of “press(ed)word(s)”. Can we have that? Beyond just wordpress? Haha. The twists here are lively indeed. No wonder they’ve made me Oliver Twist. Cheers


  4. I stumbled on dis blog by error. After reading d welcome page, I hope I make dis kind of mistakes always. Am about to go for d real deal but thot to drop dis first cos I feel I might forget to drop my comment. Looking forward to a long relationship. Watch out for me. *kisses*


  5. Great job Timi! Well done. I’ve finally read all the posts and now I’m itching for more. LOL! Definitely makes great reading on the train ride home. Looking forward to new posts.


  6. I am just checking to see if you saw I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award on my post, “Dragon’s Share of Awards.” You are 1 of 15 I nominated and then, while I was at the library I ran out of time, have been busy, am on vacation up in Cleveland, so hope you are pleased with the nomination and you can post one that includes a picture and 7 interesting facts about yourself… I congratulate you on your fine writing and I like reading your posts! Take care, Robin


  7. This is the welcome page and I’m wondering how I missed this awesomeness all this while. Saw your footprints on my blog, followed them here and now I don’t want to go home. Let me rummage through your cupboards small. I hope you have chocolate?


  8. Hi tumu
    Found myself giggling in the train (in a dutch train) this morning while reading several of your blogs.
    Particularly liked the article on your Mom the superhero.

    Also love your writing style. Be sure to inform us ur fans when u have a book out!


  9. Abuloma babes are so beautiful, intelligent and classy…i should know..i married one..lol…good job Timi, from your fan


  10. Congrats Timi, this is great. Job very well done. This is so creative. Wishing you THE BEST, U deserve it.


  11. Thumps up Timi, great job.. This looks like a beautiful relationship we will be building here and I look for to it.
    Very well done!


  12. Nice one. That’s high level creativity and professionalism displayed right here. Thumbs up to you and your crew.


  13. Great stuff Timi. Well done. I read your facebook page about watching space for the name of your blog. So here it is! The pictures are really good. Chizoba


  14. ok first of all congrate, second of all wat am i s to douppose to do, as per liking or loving a page and third of allsome tell me wat i wont miss out out on these gist and rite ups


    1. Hi Arinze, thank you for stopping by. I think you need a WordPress account to like a post, but you can leave a comment on any post. Start by going to menu and selecting ‘all posts’ Then read to your hearts delight :). Just click on the option to follow my blog on the sidebar and fill in your email address. You’ll be notified anytime I post something! Arinze, you just sent me back to the WordPress tutorials 🙂


  15. My own sis! It is your time to shine. Arise and shine for your light is come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!
    Your sun shall no more go down. Your moon shall not withdraw itself in Jesus’ name.
    Keep on keeping on!


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