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An Anatomy of a Move Back Home

I moved back to Nigeria briefly after living in The Netherlands for almost ten years. What can I say? I tried to reacquaint myself with the sun and the heat, but the years had driven us so far apart, sweat trailed me like a shadow. I made many new friends and rekindled old friendships. I struggled to get a hang of how things worked or were supposed to work. Did I succeed? Read about my journey and about quirky things Nigerians do: returning homeNigeriaNaija

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Between Us

When something happens, I can call and tell you, but I’d rather write and let you read it. I’ve written a few of those things that happen between us, those things that you get, because our lives are more alike than different. Come, discover our world with me: between us

Life and second chances… you’ve probably had a few, but I’m giving you one now – choose an option and get on with my blog already!


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228 thoughts on “welcome

  1. More insights into immigration. I can only imagine all the challenges. When you live one place all your life you know a lot about people,
    even strangers from external cues. Being accepting and kind are one thing, letting someone become hopeful, when you know it isn’t going to work out, would be much worse than hurting their feelings to head that off. I have always been good friends with diverse people, but dating is a different matter. At least now, you’ve got your escape line. 🙂


  2. I must confess I’m hooked already, I traced ur blog through a comment on Dr N’s blog. I opened your blog and read the stunning intro and my mind went like “ghen ghen” I really have to settle down and read/savor every post. You just got ursself a new follower and stalker hehehe*wide grin*. More grace.xoxo

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  3. hope to get more from you and also love to know you more better. maybe ur facebook name. i would love to have you as a close friend and share with you so many difficulties in my life.


    1. Hi Shazza, I love the way words connect us, for words are what we all have in common. I hope you’ll feel at home here. Yes, Diana is inspiring. Do you blog? I’m not able to check out your blog from your gravatar . . .


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